10 Top Tips for creating an Interactive Video

_How To Create An Effective Interactive Video?

So let’s discuss some techniques that will help you succeed.

1_ Planning Is Essential

At the planning step, you need to come up with a great idea for your interactive video. Effective interactive video needs to provide learners with the experience they need to do their jobs better.

2_ Test Your Approach

Perform research into your target demographic and how they would respond to different types of interaction. Try to walk in the user’s shoes! You need to test on all the platforms you are planning to implement your video and with it's targeting audience.

3_ Stay focused on Storytelling

Creating a truly engaging interactive video hinges on having a scenario and characters that your user is invested in. Make your users care about the decisions they are making.

4_ Encourage Replays

Once you get the balance right and the story resonates with your target audience you need to include enough options for them to want to play again.

5_ Incorporate Game Thinking

Game thinking tells us that the challenge of improving performance and completing the scenario are big motivators to the viewer.

6_ Provide Realistic Scenarios

It’s important with any scenario that it is relevant and realistic. Your consumers know what’s likely to happen in their workplace, and you need to make sure that the interactive video comes as close to their experience as possible. Find a personal touch to your user.

7_ Make It Multi-Device Ready

46% of video is now consumed on a mobile device. More than half of YouTube’s views are from mobile. Don’t ruin the chances of your video’s success by not thinking about the way it’ll be viewed.

8_ Keep It Consistent

There’s a good chance that your learners won’t have experienced an interactive video before, so you’ll need to make sure they understand how to choose which route to take. Traditional web videos have well-defined user interface design patterns with controls for play and pause and a slider for scrubbing through the length of the video. Ideally, you’ll need to incorporate the basic controls into your video player, but the more involved interactions are more of a challenge.

9_ Research Video Techniques

If you’re planning on creating your own video, you should look into the techniques that directors employ to help their audience engage with the medium.

10_ Track Interactions

Make use of the tracking that interactive video makes possible. Each decision can be tracked and reported back to an LMS or CMS where you can use it to identify learners who are quickly finding the best route through the video, or struggling with certain interactions.



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