First steps starting your own Business.

Starting a business from scratch may seem a bit terrifying at first, but if you follow the instructions I’m about to share, you’ll be able to go through the initial process and have your own web design agency up and running in no time, one step at a time. Now, let’s get started.

Step 1: Decide Your Business’ Approach

Doing something that you’re really good in won’t be enough for you to build a successful business. You also need to believe in doing great work. A mission that drives you to thrive.

Fooling clients into overpaying for cheap designs is a good strategy to “get rich quick”, but you will never build a successful web design business that way.

So first, decide what kind of a business you’re going to build. Whether you choose to build a web design company targeting a niche or go big by offering services related to all-things web design, make sure you have a clear vision for your company. A vision that you’ll stop at nothing until you accomplish.

Step 2: Create Your Business Model

Once you have figured out how you’re going to approach your business, you can move on to the least fun part of starting a company: Doing research and legal work.

Start by applying for a business license for your web design company. You’ll also need to get business insurance for your company. This process will differ depending on the country you live in. If you’re building a business in the US or any other country of the World, you can learn more about acquiring a business licence through the official website. Or you can seek advice from a local lawyer.

Now it’s time to do some digging and see what your competition looks like. It doesn’t matter if you target local or international clients, you’ll always have plenty of competition in the web design industry. Make sure to do some research to find out how your competitors do business, what type of work they do, how they acquire clients and then find ways to do it alternatively.

Learn what kind of problems clients are having when building websites and offer a way to fix it. You can never go wrong with a solid business strategy like that.

Step 3: Build The Perfect Team

You’re building a company, not a freelance business. Don’t even think about doing everything by yourself, no matter how good you are. And don’t try to build a company with a team that’s too small.

Instead, build a team with members who bring expertise to cover each aspect of your web design business model. Don’t settle for average or amateurs either, find the best of the best for your team.

If your budget is too small to employ expert designers, you can always build a remote team for your business at an affordable cost. Plenty of startups are using this strategy combined with outsourcing to do amazing work.

According to an analysis by Global Workplace Analytics, “a typical business can save $11,000 per person per year simply by letting them work from home 50% of the time.”

Step 4: Get Your Website And Portfolio Online

Now it’s time for the fun part! Designing your agency website and building your portfolio.

Creating a web design agency website is all about expressing the company identity. Put all your skills and experience to work and design a website that shows how you’re different from other mediocre companies. And shine brightly as never before!

Another thing you should start doing early on when starting your business is building your portfolio. When approaching prospects, they will ask to see examples of your work. You need to be ready to wow these clients with amazing designs.

Do some free work to build momentum. Find clients and offer to do redesigns of their websites for free in return for mentioning your company on their website. Create beautiful website templates and release it online for free. Or do some work for family and friends.

Step 5: Create A Marketing Strategy And Start Promoting

You will never get design clients if you sit around at your office hoping for prospects to come to find your company. You need to promote your business to get noticed.

You can start by launching a blog and creating a unique voice for your business. Get involved in web design and development platforms, like Stack Overflow and Github, to get noticed for your work.

Then create a content strategy and choose the right social media platforms to promote your business. Instead of trying to conquer all platforms, find the one that’s most suitable for your business model and invest in it.

Sites like SnapChat and Instagram may not be of any help when targeting the right audience for your business. Try joining sites like Behance and Dribbble to show off your design skills.

Remember, launching the business is the easy part.
The hardest part is finding prospects, landing clients, and surviving in this highly competitive field. Just stick to your business model and do great design work for all your clients.

Don’t worry if you hit a few bumps along the way. It takes time to build a reputation and it will only be a matter of time before you have clients knocking at your office door. So, try to be patient!

Web Design and Marketing to build your Business.