What is the perfect combination standing behind the Head of UX Persona?

Maria Chebyniak
2 min readSep 3, 2022

Nowadays, that is not a secret that the UX designer’s role is to make a product or service usable, enjoyable, and accessible.

identify a right user persona with flag

However, when it comes to identifying the Persona of the Design Lead from a UX perspective, we may need to dig a bit deeper than that. So let's discover together the whole thing.

__ Which are the strengths of ?

1_They are Empathetic.

2_Generous with their Time and Attention.

3_Tirelessly Fighting for the Team and for the Users at the same time.

4_They are Seasoned Design Practitioners who are ready to stop practicing the craft.


What are the Goals of the UX Head of Design?

1_Removing all the obstacles preventing designers from doing the best work of their lives.

2_Promoting importance of design within the organization.

3_Building as great and diverse design team.

4_Becoming the worst designer in the team.


What are the main Frustrations of UXH?

1_Hiring for all the Design Roles

2_Navigating between a Stakeholder´s requests, Design, and the Rest of the Team involved in the production process.

3_Leaving all “the craft” for the Design Team.

4_Finding the right balance between guiding and demanding.

This information is normally displayed in a visual document so that it can comfortably serve as a reference point throughout the design process. Generally, a user persona document will include an image of the person, quotes, and details about any behavioral patterns — all in relation to your product.

To sum up, we have to remember the purpose of personas is to gather your findings and use them to define a realistic character that is likely to use your product. That's why personifying users, helps to visualize them as real people. As such, you can relate to their limitations, struggles, successes, and goals, ultimately enabling you to create a personalized user experience optimized for their needs.



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